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Terms and Conditions of Use – Precision Logo Design

It is essential that you read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any perplexity. Your purchase or use of our products and services implies that you accept these terms and conditions and agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use. You must not use Precision Logo Design services if you do not accept these terms and services. This agreement is effective as soon as you use Precision Logo Design service. You should visit this page frequently to review the Terms and Conditions because Precision Logo Design reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The changes will be effective immediately after the time of posting the updated terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property

All the content found on Precision Logo Design website is protected under International Copyright Law and other intellectual property laws. Any unauthorised use of the content found on Precision website will breach these laws and this agreement.


Precision Logo Design is based in Bhavnagar (Gujarat – India). All legal and other issues fall within the regional jurisdiction of the City Council of Bhavnagar or the Republic of India. Location of the purchaser or any other party involved in any conflict does not affect the set jurisdiction where the company operates and has legal, financial and other accountabilities.

Revision Policy

Precision Logo Design offers unlimited free revision for all our design services. You can request unlimited number of design revisions without any cost or obligation. Customers are required to provide adequate feedback to the design team so that samples meeting your expectation can be designed. Precision Logo Design reserves the right to terminate your design project at any time without any prior notice.

Copyright of Free Design Samples

Precision Logo Design offers cost and obligation free unlimited design samples for all the design services. The free samples are provided to the customers only for illustration purpose and customers have no copyright or ownership on any of the free design samples provided to them. Precision Logo Design owns complete copyright on all the free samples. Use of any of these free samples, or a loose match of the sample designs will breach international copyright and intellectual property law and will incur legal actions.

Copyright of Purchased Design

You own full copyright of your purchased design. Precision Logo Design has no ownership on the designs once sold, except the right to display the design in portfolio. Your purchased design will not be re-sold or presented to anybody for buying. The design once sold to you is exclusively yours.

Colours and Content of the Design

All artworks are designed in CMYK colours. Printed colours may vary slightly from the colours seen on a computer screen. Please consult your printer prior to placing a print order to find our any such discrepancies. Please check the content on the design for any spelling mistakes or other errors. Precision Logo Design is not responsible for any inconsistencies found on the printed designs. We can assist you or your printer if there is a need for colour change or need to correct the content. Source files in vector format are provided to you with your final files if you require making any alterations without involving Precision Logo Design.

Refund Policy

Precision Logo Design does not offer refund or exchange. Precision Logo Design offers unlimited free samples for your ordered design service which gives you freedom to consider multiple design options or to withdraw yourself from the design process at any time without any cost or obligation. However, once a design is purchased and payment is made, a refund or exchange request will not be considered. If there is a need of any changes or amendments in the purchased design, Precision Logo Design will do the needful.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Precision Logo Design does not offer any warranties on its products and services. We do not guarantee that the content including our services will be satisfactory to your needs, meet your expectations or will be free from errors. Precision Logo Design cannot be held responsible for any trademark disputes that might arise in future. It is your sole responsibility to register your logo as a trademark.
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